Davit series 3078

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Capacity up to 1200 kg

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Ideal for medium to large yachts. Constructed in AISI 316 stainless steel and varnished white, this davit evolved from the 3077 series is folding and therefore particularly compact making it suitable for either deck mounting in a box opening upwards or for installation on the flybridge or stern. Supplied with a hydraulic and electronic power unit it can lift up to a maximum of 1200 kg (2,650 lbs) with standard 359° rotation and has a maximum cable length of 307” (7.8 m).
Suitable for rescue boats. Cranes may be certified according to Solas requirements. Costs for certification are not included in the crane price and have to be considered as an optional.  Please contact our Technical department to know the certifications available for the different crane models.