Team Janszoon Maritiem/Opacmare Europe North will participate with the Arctic Challenge 2020, 7000km in 9 days, temperatures up to -40 degrees C.

Sponsors thanks for your contributions we will transfer to our sponsor goal the RHWW rescue dogs foundation

The objective of the RHWW is to train rescue dog teams to participate with other members of the RHWW as deployment groups in deployments and rescue operations to track down missing persons. The RHWW currently has around 55 members (incl. Support team).
About 35 members are rescue dogs handlers. A large number of dogs from these members is very experienced. Few dogs are
still working on the more than 2-year course. The RHWW has a support team with, among others, divers who help with water searching, climbers and people who take care of the logistics. The RHWW also has the necessary tools such as: an inset vehicle, two boats with a trailer, a mobile command post, a sonar installation, Global positioning system (GPS) and communication means such as: An SMS Alert Service, Outdoor GPS and for rescue dog conductors and radios.
There is very close cooperation with many emergency services such as: Police and Fire departments.
All searches are conducted in consultation and in collaboration with the Dutch National Missing Persons Office of the Police Police Unit.
The RHWW has cooperated for years with the Dutch TV program “VERMIST” of the TROS.

Do you want to follow us that can be done via the website (or on the map below), we are team 10 Janszoon Maritiem, donations still welcome You can just send us a message via our donation form below this text, phone or e-mail.

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