Transformer series 3382

Made in carbon fibre

Capacity from 420 to 600 kg

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A multifunctional hydraulically powered platform. It can be installed aft and serves as a passerelle, swim ladder, tender lift and loading platform. When fully opened horizontally it triples the size of the stern platform. Twelve versions are available with 4, 5 or 6 steps and load capacities ranging from 700 kg / 1,550 lbs up to 1.300 kg / 2,900 lbs. Peculiarity of Transformer series 3384XL is to have the arms positioned at a distance 50{dbe7e39bab4c275dc3a25d5c47c14f274d74ebf6f2147534f550db3c6acb40fc} higher than standard Transformer series 3384. This allows widths of ladder and of mobile platform definitely higher and therefore wider and more comfortable. Mobile platform can even be as large as the boat and still assure very good stability.